Titan T19 Heavy Bags – Filled


  • Premium, durable synthetic leather exterior 
  • True 6ft long (72″x 13″) muay thai punching bag
  • Professionally filled punching bag full of blended shredded fabrics 
  • Reinforced stitching helps the bag endure plenty of force
  • Comes complete with a chain 

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Get in a good workout and home in on your boxing skills with these Titan T19 Heavy Bags in your gym. Each bag is ready to take on a hefty punch, thanks to its ultra-strong engineered synthetic leather exterior that won’t easily rip or tear. Within the confines of the bag, blended shredded fabrics have been professionally added to give you the perfect texture and thickness to land those punches. The bag is equipped with a chain that allows you to easily hang it up without the need for any additional equipment. Over size shipping charges will be applied.


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